Bitcoin crossed the 6,000 USD mark

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Bitcoin cashThe main crypto-currency Bitcoin rose by 5% to new record high, crossing the 6,000 USD mark. The digital currency was trading for 6,003.81 USD at the platform CoinDesk. The traders already confirmed that are making trades of over 6,000 USD and 5000 EUR, considered as psychological hikes.

The record is even more remarkable because it comes just a day after the price dropped by 8.7% due to fears of tightening regulation in the United States. The bulk of the crypto-currency trade volume was generated by Japan, with 59% of transactions being sold in Japanese yen, while the trade in US dollars is 25.5%.

The crypto-currency reached an astounding 50.4% rise in the last month, despite of the criticisms made by JPMorgan Chase and BlackRock directors, as well as fears of regulations by various central banks.

The cost of a Bitcoin might be about 10,000 USD, according to nearly half of the market analysts. During the year the Bitcoin price rose by more than 470%, raising the interest by traders, speculators and analysts.

During the week, there was an online poll “Where does Bitcoin go from here?”. In it participated over 23,000 voters, answering various of questions about the crypto-currency.

About 49% of them answered that the price will be 10,000 USD. Similar statements have been made by many market participants. Former hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz recently said that he believes the Bitcoin is priced at a cost of 10,000 USD in the near six to ten months. About 35% of respondents supported the opinion of JPMorgan CEO James Dimon, who identified Bitcoin as a “scam” – the preferred answer was “Jamie Diamond is right, you will pay the price that you buy”. Another 16% of the respondents think the price will be between 6,000 USD and 8,000 USD.

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