Brexit deal is still a long way off

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BrexitEuropean Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that the Brexit agreement with the UK is still far away. The officials from the two negotiating parties said most of the Brexit treaty was completed, but there are serious differences about trade conditions and the border with Ireland. These differences can also lead to a failure in the talks.

Meanwhile, the British Prime Minister Theresa May urged the EU leaders to take an example from her and adjust their positions in the Brexit talks to make a good deal.

“To achieve a successful agreement, the EU needs to change its position just as the United Kingdom has done”, said Theresa May before today’s dinner with the bloc’s leaders in the Austrian city of Salzburg. “I am confident that with good will and determination we can negotiate a deal that is good for both parties”, added she.

Theresa May defended her proposals from Chequers for a future customs and trade deal with the EU, arguing that it would maintain free trade and prevent a rigid border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for goodwill and respect in the talks between the UK and the EU. She told journalists that Britain and the EU could maintain very close co-operation in some areas, particularly in the security sphere.

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