Bulgarian civil servants receive the lowest salaries in the EU

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Bulgarian civil servantsAbout 16% of the EU employments in 2016 are civil servants, according to Eurostat data. The figures also show that the lowest wages of the sector are in Bulgaria.

The Statistical Service notes that the share of civil servants in all EU workers remains stable – between 15% and 17% of total employment since 2000. Here are the state administration and other services at national, regional and local level, as well as the armed forces.

The share of civil servants varies across Member States, as in some countries the education and health sectors are part of the state administration and in others they are not.

The largest share is the civil servants in Sweden (29% of total employment), Denmark (28%), Finland (25%), Estonia (23%), Lithuania, France and Hungary (22%). Fewer were the civil servants in Germany (10%), Luxembourg (12%), the Netherlands (13%), Italy (14%), Portugal, Ireland and Spain (5%).

In Bulgaria the salaries of civil servants are the lowest (500 EUR), followed by Romania (600 EUR) and Hungary (700 EUR). Highest was the average monthly gross salary in public administration and defense (excluding health and education) in Denmark (4,500 EUR), Ireland (4,300 EUR), Sweden (3,700 EUR) and the Netherlands (3,600 EUR).

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