Economics Herald is journal about economy, trade, employment and cryptocurrencies. It shows all points of view and revealing statistics, forecasts and analyzes. Our well experienced and high educated team will follow the latest news on economy, markets and trade, providing the readers the most accurate analyzes and information.

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Phone: +359 887 879921
Address: Trade Complex Vladislav Varnenchik, 9023 Varna, Bulgaria

Economics Herald Team

Viliyana Filipova
Founder and Chief Editor
Age: 28
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Contact e-mail:
Something about me: “I’m Viliyana Filipova from Varna, Bulgaria. I’m founder and chief editor of Economics Herald, employing high educated and experienced team of business, finance and economy analysts. We will help traders and financial experts with the latest news from the sector, but also releasing forecasts and estimates for the development of the world economy”

Svilen Petrov
Chief Editor
Age: 33
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Contact e-mail:
Something about me: “My name is Svilen Petrov from Varna, Bulgaria. I am working as chief editor of Economics Herald. I have experience in management and development of finance and business websites, as together with Viliyana had built some of the best performing journals. I will try to provide accurate and reliable comments over the latest events. Also will provide detailed explanations of the latest economy data for Europe and Middle East.”

Silvia Hristova
Editor and Author
Age: 43
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Contact e-mail:
Something about me: “My name is Silvia Hristova, 43 year-old woman from Varna, Bulgaria. I’m working as author and analyst contributor of Economics Herald Journal. I graduated in University of Economics in Varna and have long experience, as finance and business analyst in local investment funds and banks. I’m working together with my colleagues to provide the latest and most accurate information and analyzes of the world markets.”

Stefani Igaz
Editor and Writer
Age: 27
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Contact e-mail:
Something about me: “My name is Stefani Igaz and work as finance analyst and author in Economics Herald. I’m from Brussels, Belgium and my like writing about European institutions, economy and trade. I have experience in journalism and media marketing, writing mostly about trade and economy. Located very close to the European institutions will contribute everything related to them and provide the most accurate information from first side.”

Manuel Fajardo
Author and Analyst
Age: 48
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Contact e-mail:
Something about me: “My name is Manuel Fajardo and live in Brazil. I work in Economics Herald, as analysts and content writer. In my responsibilities are commodities, trade and cryptocurrencies. I have 20 years experience in banking sector and business consultancy, but last years became Bitcoin enthusiast. My hobby is writing and will be happy to start new career in journalism and news writing.”

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