France closes its sales agency in Russia

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FranceFrance closes its sales agency Business France, which is located in Russia, after long talks with local authorities following the expulsion of its director from Moscow. Russia’s relations with the European Union (EU) countries are strained after the Crimea’s annexation in 2014, as well as Syria and Eastern Ukraine conflicts, and the poisoning of a Russian agent in the UK.

“The business conditions for Business France have deteriorated considerably over the past few months”, said the French embassy, adding that the agency was affected by “illegal seizures on bank accounts, even though it was protected by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations”.

The Western countries imposed economic and financial sanctions against Moscow because of the Crimean annexation and its role in the Ukrainian conflict.

Russian Foreign Ministry was surprised by the Paris decision.

“This is the decision of the French side. We are for the development of trade relations”, says the Russian Foreign Ministry in official statement.

Russia expelled several European diplomats, including four from France, in March this year in response to the actions of Western countries, which previously expelled Russian diplomats in protest against the poisoning of former Russian spy and his daughter in the UK.

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