Half of the Polish companies can not find employees

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employeesAlmost half of the companies in Poland have problems finding new employees, which forces many of them to reduce new investments, according to the latest report by Work Service, the largest recruitment agency in the country.

“More than an year, every second company in Poland reports problems in attracting new employees”, the agency said in a statement. It adds that two years ago, 35% of the companies that participated in the survey had a shortage of staff. “The long-term consequences of this phenomenon are very worrying, given that we are facing huge demographic problems”, adds the agency.

The unemployment in Poland, which population is one of the most aging in the EU, has declined to 5.9% in June and is at its lowest level since October 1990.

The fall in unemployment and rising wages in the rapidly growing economy are some of the main risks according to the country’s central bank.

The Work Service report shows that staff shortages have caused 16.4% of companies to cut their new investments, which is 3.6 percentage points above the level an year ago.

The investments in Poland have declined throughout the past year, partly because of the smaller inflow of EU funds but revived in the second quarter of this year. The analysts, however, argue that private investment remains weak.

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