Japan is preparing an additional budget for missile defense

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Japan budgetThe Japanese government is preparing an additional budget of about 2.9 trillion JPY (25.9 billion USD) for the fiscal year by the end of March to cover its missile defense spending against tensions with North Korea. In addition, this amount includes funds for new economic measures, sources from the government say.

North Korea tested dozens of ballistic missiles, two of which flew over Japan, and in September held its sixth and largest nuclear experience. Japan plans to provide precision-guided missiles to enable it to hit locations in North Korea where nuclear testing is taking place.

The additional budget will be used to financially support small and medium-sized enterprises to promote innovation as well as to build childcare facilities for children with working parents.

The funds will also be directed to address the potential negative effects of failure of a number of trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) or the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU.

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