More than 300,000 refugees in Germany found job

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refugees in GermanyThe Federal Employment Agency (BA) makes a positive assessment of the integration of refugees on the German labor market. The agency’s expectations are surpassed, according to its chief executive Detlef Scheele.

According to the latest May data, more than 300,000 refugees found work within the German labor market. That’s 88,000 more than their previous year’s figure.

“Everything is developing very well”, said Detlef Scheele. The situation of refugees on the labor market is not a cause of pessimism. The main countries of origin of refugees, according to the Federal Agency, are currently Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria.

The refugees with permanent jobs are more than 238,000 and the majority are employed with social security.

“These are good data. And they are a sign that people come here for humanitarian reasons and not just to find a job here”, said Detlef Scheele, and 482,000 refugees were registered with the agency in July as jobseekers, which are currently completing an integration and language course.

Almost 187,000 refugees were registered as unemployed in July. The number has been relatively constant for months. Also, the data for the trainees create a positive picture, explains the head of the agency. According to the Federal Employment Agency, nearly 28,000 young refugees have started courses. Since the beginning of October 2017, some 35,000 candidates have applied for an internship or course at the agency.

“We have always said that those who have entered Germany as children and adolescents have better prospects in the labor market”, said Detlef Scheele.

A key factor in the integration of refugees into the labor market remains the acquisition of language skills. It would be unrealistic to think that one can learn German so well in less than a year that the level is good enough for a vocational school. However, the agency is pleased with support programs, although more can be done.

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