New European directive will increase safety requirements

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safety rulesNew European directive oblige employers to take measures to limit the impact of 50 carcinogenic materials. A two-year campaign for the management of dangerous substances will take place before the final document is adopted in the European Union. Its initiator is the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work at the European Commission.

The campaign will start officially in October and will continue throughout 2019.

Tackling the impact of health-hazardous substances is a commitment of employers, who need to assess the risk to their employees and minimize or eradicate them.

This is not only about large manufacturing companies, but for all sectors.

As a good practice for schools also is placing the anti-noise coatings on the walls, which would reduce decidels to normal levels.

Implementation of personal and collective measures is costly, but on a European scale it is recognized that the economic losses from the absence of people and the cost of treating occupational illnesses are much more serious.

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