The largest crypto-currencies rose by nearly 75% since the beginning of April

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crypto-currenciesThe world’s largest crypto-currencies continued to grow, raising their price by nearly 75% since early April. Ether, ripple and Bitcoin Cash have appreciated mostly so far. The market leader Bitcoin rose by 3.6%, with traded volume of 2 billion USD on the top 10 crypto-currency platforms over the past 24 hours.

Numerous currencies posted a price increase in April due to the volatility of many of the world stock and bond markets. The traders of traditional assets now need to take into account rising yields on bonds and inflation forecasts as well as the changing tone of the US-China talks as well as tensions between the US and Russia.

Despite the significant rise in April, the ten most traded digital currencies are still traded 40% below their record highs at the beginning of January.

Bitcoin Cash has been able to report an 80% increase in price for just one week, based on the future hard fork, which is the main driver of upward movement. On Tuesday, Bitcoin reached its highest level in more than a month – just over 9,300 USD. For the last time, the most popular crypto-currency was switched to that price on March 14th.

The Bitcoin survived extremely heavily the first quarter with a drop in its price of 48%. Much of the depreciation was due to sales, the money investors used to pay their taxes. According to the US tax law, the tax on profits from the crypto-currency transactions is due.

Another factor that weighed heavily on the digital money market is the tightening of regulatory control on a global scale.

The Bitcoin reported a record-breaking rise in its price last year to over 19,000 USD, with some analysts remaining optimistic about their predictions of the most famous crypto-currency. Meanwhile, it has become clear that every fifth financial institution is considering starting a crypto-currency market in the next 12 months.

Among the respondents who are willing to trade with cripples, like 70% say they are planning to trade within the next three to six months.

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