The UK builds country’s largest solar power plant without subsidies

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solar powerThe project to build the largest solar power plant in the UK will be analyzed by the Secretary of State within the next six months. Cleve Hill solar park is expected to produce electricity at the lowest possible price for the UK grid without the need for subsidy.

If the plan succeeds, it will launch a new stage in the development of renewable energy in the UK.

Cleve Hill will be located on the northern coast of Kent County and, if completed, will provide 350 megawatts of power. The plan is to create the cheapest electricity possible in the country without additional subsidies.

Before, there were solar energy installations without subsidies, but none of them was at the scale of Cleve Hill.

The plant will also include an energy storage option, allowing operators to sell the electricity produced when the price is high and to keep it when the markets are weak.

There are currently one million solar systems operating in the UK that include solar panels mounted on roofs of houses or those that are located in wide flat areas and occupy a few acres of land.

The rate of development of solar energy has been decreasing in the last few years mainly due to the level of subsidies granted to the sector. When subsidies were significantly higher, the percentage of installed solar panels doubled every few months. So far, the government has controlled the production of electricity through solar power by distributing subsidies.

Today, the sector’s growth rate in the UK is very low, as there is no subsidy.

Cleve Hill, however, manages to show that profit can be achieved without subsidies, and where a successful project is realized, others will emerge too.

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