Vladimir Putin: Russia is an optimal gas supplier to Europe

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Vladimir PutinRussian President Vladimir Putin is convinced that Russia is an optimal supplier of natural gas to Europe. This was stated at a press conference at the end of his talks with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto.

“At such a scale of supply of Russian gas to Europe and at such a distance between the sources of this gas, between the points of production and the points of delivery, Russia is the optimal supplier for the European economy”, said Vladimir Putin. “The rising volumes of gas consumed in Europe make Nord Stream 2 a necessary project for the European Union. This is a project that Europe needs”, added the Russian President.

“The most important thing is that the volume of gas consumption, including in Europe, is increasing. Gazprom, for example, has increased almost 13% of its supplies in the EU countries”, added Putin.

The own resources of European countries – both Norway and other countries, and the UK – are ending.

Russia is forced to react to the relocation of NATO’s infrastructure and the emergence of elements of the US missile defense system (US) near its borders, according to Putin.

Asked by a Finnish journalist, the Russian leader replied that NATO’s military infrastructure is moving to Russia’s borders and that the alliance’s number of soldiers and drills near Russian borders are increasing.

“Of course, we need to carefully monitor what’s going on there. To strengthen our infrastructure, we need to react to what’s going on around our borders”, said Vladimir Putin, in the immediate vicinity of elements of a US missile defense system. He noted that these defense systems could also be used to launch mid-range missiles.

Putin said that Russia is ready to discuss military flight rules with NATO. In his words, Finland has made a proposal in this direction, and Russia welcomes it.

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