What should happen to return the Bitcoin to growth?

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BitcoinThe Bitcoin will rise this year and will reach its previous high levels, according to the CoinShares Chairman Danny Masters. But he believes that a better infrastructure and lifecycle would have to be built before the initial mints.

“We need to see how the infrastructure around the crypto-currencies continues to be build”, said Danny Masters. He is convinced that the crypto-currency market needs custodian services, indexes, and other performance metrics to allow everyone to speak in one language. “I think all the work on the initial mints should reach a more mature level as this will give investors more clarity, better expectations and more transparency”, added the CoinShares Chairman.

The battleship fell by 0.82% to 8,272.24 USD. While the most popular crypto-currencies are recovering from its lowest levels reached earlier in the year, from under 6,000 USD, it is still very far from its peak at the end of 2017, from about 19,500 USD.

The investors were optimistic that the technology event Blockchain Week New York, which began late last week, would help raise the value of the Bitcoin. But since Monday, digital money has fallen by about 5%. However, the CoinShares chairman pointed out that three years ago, the market and the number of people interested in crypto-currencies was very small, while over 8,000 people were present at Blockchain Week New York this week.

“We are still at a very early stage of development, and we need derivatives, indexes, and a comprehensive market in general so that we can also attract institutional investors”, said Danny Masters.

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